Access one of the

world’s last remaining

unexploited basins.

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Unlocking the Hidden
Riches of Eastern Africa's
Offshore Basins

The Background

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A significant new petroleum province opened in Eastern Africa in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

Jurassic source rocks and Cretaceous and Tertiary clastic reservoirs came together to deliver world-class gas discoveries in the offshore basins of Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique.


The Recent Past

In the recent past, long-running civil conflict and an Islamist insurgency resulted in little interest in oil & gas exploration.

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With an eye to future stability, however, an extensive offshore 2D seismic survey was acquired by a predecessor company to Coastline Exploration in 2014-15 and then Spectrum ASA (now TGS) in 2015-16.

Coastline Exploration licensed a portfolio of blocks across the passive margin.


The Present Day

In 2022, elections in Somalia resulted in a peaceful transition of power between the outgoing and incoming administrations.

As a result, coastline Exploration has successfully extended its seven PSAs over its eleven nominated blocks.

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why is this exciting?

Coastline Exploration has conducted a geological assessment of the three sub-basins in the Somali passive margin at the play fairway level.

This assessment has indicated the promise in several clastic and carbonate plays in water depths between 1500 and 3200m.

In contrast to the basins further south on the margin, most of the prognosed source interval lies within the oil window, and the leads that have been identified are associated with large, long-lived, charge-focusing highs.


The Opportunity

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Coastline Exploration seeks a partner with deepwater operating experience to farm into the acreage.

We plan to acquire 3D seismic over the most promising leads in 2023-2024 to mature a portfolio of drillable prospects in one of the few remaining worldwide oil-prone basins with multi-billion barrel potential.


Benefits for somalia

Royalties from this project will provide a significant source of revenue for the government and the country as a whole. This revenue can be used for important public goods and services, such as infrastructure, education, and healthcare.

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revenue generation

This project will create jobs for local residents, which could help to reduce poverty and improve economic development.

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job creation

Developing domestic sources of oil and gas helps reduce Somalia’s dependence on foreign sources of energy, which is beneficial for energy security.

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energy security

Revenue generated by this project can be used to spur economic growth and development, including investment in other sectors, such as agriculture and tourism.

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economic growth
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